VVJ Out and About: indiemade craft market

This past Saturday we took part in the indiemade craft market in the town of Bethlehem, PA.  Bethlehem is a city of 75,000 people in eastern Pennsylvania – a city known for its rich colonial and industrial history.  Today Bethlehem is experiencing an economic and cultural renaissance and recently opened a great music and arts venue, ArtsQuest.

So, What is indiemade craft market?  “Indie is derived from the word independent. When you apply this to the art/craft scene you have individuals who stray from the traditional craft establishment by creating their own rules and following their own artistic path. Indie craft is an attitude of self-confidence which manifests itself in original creations and unusual designs.

Indie artists create functional art which often incorporates recycled/upcycled materials. They are not creating a mass number of objects from kits. Their own artistic success is important, rather than the established norm. And they are helping to keep crafting skills alive whether it is knitting, printmaking, screen printing, clay works or sewing.”

The venue for the show was like no other show we’ve been to, it was held in the Bethlehem Ice Rick!  Seeing the ice skates hung and stored away for when weather turns cold again and the ice rink not filled with ice but instead dozens of creative folks reminded us to enjoy the warm months we have ahead of us.  The show featured a lot of local handmade goods and was the first show we have attended that had a waiting line outside the doors for two hours before the gates opened!

We spotted lots of owls, birds, funky jewelry and handbags among other vintage finds and artwork.  DIY events were also taking place — make a book tree, paint your own pottery and rocks — and also a fastest knitting competition!

It was great to be in our element and look forward to attending this show again December 1-2 at the Starlight Ballroom.

Live music, a great venue and lots of creative people, we couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend our Saturday!  Check out the event photos below:

VVJ “Out and About”: Narberth Music and Arts Festival

Vintage Vinyl Journals was pleased to be a part of the Narberth Music and Arts Festival in Narberth, PA (just outside of Philadelphia) on May 6th. The Narberth Music and Arts Festival featured “great food, great drinks, local arts & great music for a great cause” and has been around for many years and draws a pretty big local crowd. This year was the first year they added arts into the mix, usually featuring just music and food.

The Narberth Music and Arts Festival does a great thing by having the event free but asks everyone to give $1 towards Philabundance. Philabundance is our region’s largest hunger relief organization. In fiscal 2011, they acquired 21 million pounds of food, distributed 19 million pounds in their service area and exported 2 million pounds of food to assist other area food banks.

Narberth has a very small-town feel and you can tell it’s a close-knit community which is often rare to find these days. The event was well organized and the MC was a local newscaster who stressed the donations towards Philabundance. Having live music was something that really drew us into this festival, as well as local dancers performing. The musicians that performed where Vox Prophet, Narband, The Lucky Stiffs and Powerhouse. The response to the journals was fairly good for the amount of traffic that was drawn into the festival and being the Artist’s Alley was a new feature for the event.

Thank you to The Narberth Music and Arts Festival for organizing the event and raising money for Philabundance! The Festival will be held again in June and throughout the Fall. Check out the event photos below:

VVJ “Out and About”: the local Open House & Artists/Artisans Showcase

Vintage Vinyl Journals was pleased to be a part of a local artists and artisans showcase at the local restaurant in Souderton, PA on March 25th. the local serves up all locally-sourced (hence the name) products from right in our backyard – “farm to table” – they even have a just-tilled gardening bed awaiting the last sign of freezing temperatures where veggies and herbs will be grown for their dishes!

The event was a great way to meet new people and to showcase locally handmade items in our area.  I am always amazed at the amount of creative talent that lies among us and the support received from the public.  The ambiance was spectacular and the sun came out just as the event was kicking off.   We even experienced two trains coming through, one just has the live music was kicking off (as shown in the photos below).

Thank you to the local and other businesses and venues that support the community and provide a way to showcase local talent and businesses!  You Guys Rock!