Uses For Our Journals

Sometimes we find people really like our journals but aren’t the journaling types so we’ve put together some additional and creative uses for them in additional to the traditional journaling and writing.

Sketching and Drawing:Our journals contain a very high-quality paper that is toothy and artists love using it to sketch on. Perfect for your Drawing 101 class.

The Perfect Gift!  Whether for an old friend, a new friend or someone that is more than a friend.  Choose a journal made from an album from your high school or college years (or however far back you go) and paste pictures and memorabilia from that time inside. For a new friend or budding romance start them off with a couple of pages of your journey so far and they can continue on filling the journal for years to come.

Inspiration Book: If you cut out pictures from magazines of projects that inspire you our journals are great for keeping these all in one place. Perfect for home décor and craft projects.

Photo Album: Our journals contain acid-free paper and all acid-free materials making them perfect for showcasing your latest family get-togethers, holidays and life events. This would be a great way to document all the fun you had!

Scrapbook: Grab a journal featuring an album from the year you were born or with the year your child was born and fill it with pictures and mementos.

Concert Memorabilia: If you’re like us and you save all your prior concert ticket stubs, take photos when you’re not supposed to at concerts and even lucky enough to pick up a couple of set-lists then use our journals to capture these memories.

Start Writing your New Music Album or Start your First!  For the musicians out there our journals provide inspiration for writing your next album.

Perserve Your Vacation: Pack a journal to record vacation events, big and small. Use for lists before venturing out for the day and tack on local flavor by tearing out words from brochures, menus and magazines. Ask travel companions to add funny quotes or doodles and something persona like details about a favorite day.

School Notebooks:  Who wouldn’t want to stand out among their high school or college classmates with the coolest school notebooks on campus. Wait… do students even use notebooks any longer??  We know we did when we were in college back in the day.

Conversation Starter: Okay, a bit off the topic but if you’re sitting in your local Starbucks on a lazy Sunday afternoon having a hot cup of coffee and you’re dream girl/guy sits down next to you, it’s a great conversation piece that will have you talking about your favorite artists in no time. And if you’re completely on different ends of the music spectrum then you will know quickly that it is really wasn’t meant to be.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get your favorite artists’ album journal now and allow the journal to provide some inspiration to you. Remember, if your favorite artist isn’t on our site just drop us a note, chances are we have that album in our collection or can source it for you. Even the new stuff on vinyl can be turned into a journal. Our journals will stay with you for years to come and make great gifts for music lovers.

How do you use your journal? If you have a unique use for your journal send us the info and we’ll share here along with the others.

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