Vintage Vinyl Journals Kids Summer Journaling Prompts & Tips

So school’s been out for a couple of weeks and you’re looking for something to keep your kids occupied as the days grow longer and before you start hearing “I’m Bored” in your ears (you may even be at this point already!)  

If you’re looking for an alternative to video games and television why not encourage them to keep a summer journal or to start writing?  Here are some prompts and tips to get them started and keep them occupied over the next couple of summer months:

1. Create a theme journal: Heading on a vacation, the zoo, a museum this summer? Have your child research where you will be going and what they will be seeing. Have them right about the history, native animals, trees and culture. This will get your child really excited for your vacation and they may even help with the planning! Afterwards have them document what you did and include photos that were taken of the trip.

2. Ask them what is your favorite Disney character or movie and why is it your favorite?  This will get your child thinking more intensely on a particular question and a great suggestion would be a pro and con list of why they would choose that particular character.

3. Have children choose an occupation: Have them write about a day in the life of a person in the chosen profession. The possibilities are endless – paramedic, window-washer, carpenter, policeman, veterinarian or waitress.

4. Send them on an exploration: Ask your child if they could go anywhere in the world. Where would it be, what would you do, and why? Have them research the culture and add photos of the animals and buildings.

5. What is your favorite animal? If you were this animal what would you do?  Have them research where they live, what they eat, how they protect themselves, etc.

6. Have children write a journal entry as if they were a dollar bill: Have them write a day in the life of a bill or coin, following its journey, as it passes through multiple, hands, machines, pockets and wallets. Perhaps it gets thrown in a fountain or falls in the crack of a sidewalk.

7. Have them write about their family. Ask them to explore your genealogy, ask them why families are important and what they like most about their family.

8. Create a scrapbook.  Have your child explore magazines and photos and create a scrapbook of their favorite family memories.  Have them write about holidays, birthdays and vacations from the past.

9. Ask them who they would be for a day:  If you could be someone else for a day, who would you choose to be?  Why?  How would they spend that day?

10. Get them thinking about the next school year.  Ask them what they are looking forward to most, what goals they have for the new year and if they are planning on taking part in any extracurricular activities.  (this might be a prompt to save for later in August when you start your school supply shopping!)

We hope that these fresh and innovative kids writing and journal prompt ideas get you through the summer and allows your child to expand their mind!