VVJ “Out and About” In the Community – “We’re Rockin’ in the Bee World!”

The owner and founder of Vintage Vinyl Journals, Katie Pietrak, has many hobbies- one which is beekeeping. She has been a beekeeper along with her father for 3 years. One of things she is passionate about is saving our bees and educating others about their importance in our environment. For Earth Day this year she did a cool combo of beekeeping education and awareness along with her other passion, Vintage Vinyl Journals, at The Earth Day Watershed Revival… Presenting:

“We’re Rockin’ in the Bee World!”

The event was run by a local musician, Arianne Rox, of Dharma’s Kindness, and hosted by Country Creek Winery.  Arianne is very passionate about the environment and she decided one way she would be able to make a difference was to organize an Earth Day benefit to raise funds for the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy. The Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy is a nonprofit organization founded in 1964 by local citizens to combat pollution in the Perkiomen Creek and its tributaries.  The watershed encompasses 362 square miles and 57 municipalities in Berks, Bucks, Lehigh and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania.

The event featured some of the finest and award winning local area musicians who donated their time to bring “One Festive Party for a Good Cause!”  The event was filled with wine, food, prizes, education and music.  The local musicians featured were The Whiskeyhickon Boys, Mike Greer & Co., Dharma’s Kindness and Chris Murphy.

Arianne and Katie connected when she emailed asking for a donation for the event… finally, she said, a local artist that makes something out of recycled materials!  Katie thought of another way to help and she suggested to bring along some bee education materials and beekeeping supplies to help educate the attendees about bees and possibly to recruit some new local beekeepers!  Katie thought what a cool way to tie the bees and journals together which worked out wonderfully for all!  The Revival was a huge success in spite of having to be moved indoors due to rain downpours all day.

Vintage Vinyl Journals salutes Arianne Rox and the Country Creek Winery for hosting the benefit — what a great cause to raise money and awareness for.  We can all do our part in small and large ways and Arianne is a local gal doing hers.  We look forward to being part of this event next year as well as other local area bee education and awareness events!  Stay tuned!

Photos from the event:

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  1. Great news about bees!
    I want to help the environment.
    Keep those bees working. I like a lot of honey in my tea! ;D

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