Vintage Vinyl Journals: Outtakes – Turning Vinyl Into Writings & Drawings – Michael Gray Review

Having Michael Gray (photo on the right) endorse our journals as left us speechless!  Vintage Vinyl Journals was recently featured on Michael Gray’s Outtakes Blog.

Michael Gray is a critic, writer, public speaker & broadcaster recognized as a world authority on the work of Bob Dylan, and as an expert on rock’n’roll history.

Gray has published many books, including those about Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, Frank Zappa, and Blind Willie McTell.  I urge you to check them out – link to his Amazon page here.

His work has also been published in Rolling Stone, The Times, Literary Review, Independent, Guardian, Observer, Sunday Times, Weekend Telegraph, Independent on Sunday, Sunday Telegraph, Melody Maker, Uncut and more.

Check out the review of our journals on his blog post via the link and my response to the question of whether it worried me that I was in effect destroying a lot of terrific old records.

Check out the full post here! Thanks Michael Gray for taking time out of his busy schedule, we at Vintage Vinyl Journals appreciate the support!